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Real Estate Investment Lead Generation

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We generate high quality leads effortlessly for you!

Tap into the magic of A.I. to boost your listing leads! From click to close, count on us as your affordable marketing team.

Prospect Prime Properties

Firstly, we employ advanced algorithms to pinpoint potential sellers in your area. These are your best leads, the ones we build our strategy around.


Seller Interest Leads

Next, we run ads directly targeted at these potential sellers, getting them interested in selling. These leads are more likely to convert into actual sales for you.


Active Buyer Leads

Finally, we introduce your brand through engaging emails, prompting interested buyers to reach out. Our goal is to keep your pipeline filled with potential clients who are ready to make a move in the market.

Professional Trained By Top Coaches

Our cold calling professionals undergo rigorous training by top coaches, ensuring a high level of expertise and effectiveness in engaging with prospects.

We Handle the Heavy Lifting
From recruiting and training, we streamline the lead generation process for optimal results.  

Leads Delivered Daily

Experience a consistent flow of opportunities with leads delivered to you daily, keeping your pipeline robust and active.

Month to Month Billing

Enjoy the flexibility of our services with month to month billing, giving you the freedom to adapt to your business needs.

Tracking, Training, Replacing

Let us manage tracking, training, and replacements, so you can focus on what matters most without the burden of personnel management

We guarantee results!

After getting to know your business, we’ll create a tailored plan with a guaranteed minimum number of monthly meetings. If we don’t hit our target, we won’t stop working until we do, at no extra cost!

Why Choose Us


Highly Trained Cold Callers

Have constant training and feedback to get the best results.


Dialer Included

We set up and manage the dialer, phone numbers, and monitoring.


Leads Delivered To You Daily

Straight to your CRM, so you can make the most of them. 

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Hands Off Experience

Our team will get you the leads.

Rated 'Excellent' by our customers

Transforming Daryl's Real Estate Business Through Lead Generation

Daryl, a dedicated real estate investor, was seeking to expand his business by acquiring high-quality leads in his target market. Faced with the challenge of finding motivated sellers efficiently, Daryl turned to our marketing company for assistance


Partnering with Daryl, we devised a customized lead generation strategy tailored to his specific needs and goals. Our approach focused on leveraging targeted marketing techniques and advanced analytics to identify and engage potential sellers effectively.


Using Daryl’s list of approximately 2500 skip-traced records, we implemented a comprehensive lead generation campaign designed to maximize results. Through a combination of targeted advertising, email outreach, and strategic follow-ups, we worked tirelessly to connect with motivated sellers in Daryl’s selected counties.


Within just 20 business days, our lead generation efforts yielded exceptional results for Daryl. Despite our initial guarantee of 30 leads, we exceeded expectations by generating a total of 71 high-quality leads. These leads quickly translated into tangible results, with Daryl securing two contracts from the same seller within three weeks.

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Frequently asked questions

Are The Leads Guaranteed?

Yes, the amount won’t be. The leads we supply are only as good as the lists supplied by you.

Will I Have A Manager On The Project?

Are The Callers Experienced?

Can I Provide My Own Script?

Do You Do Both Land And Property?

Can The VA’s Use My Own System?

Are There Any Contracts Or Set Up Fees?

Are you looking for a custom solution?

We can tailor a package designed to you! Click on the meeting link below.

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Are you looking for a custom solution?

We can tailor a package designed to you! Click on the meeting link below.